Achilles Club: Committee

Most of the organisational structure which gives continuity to the Varsity match and other events in the OUAC/CUAC calendar is provided by the Achilles Club. The President and Hon. Sec of OUAC/CUAC, and their immediate Past-Presidents, are all ex officio members of the Achilles Club committee.


Dr Dewi W. Roberts MBE DL (Cambridge)

PRESIDENT and Archivist:
Paul D. T. Willcox (Cambridge)

Timothy M Taylor (Oxford)
The Hon Michael J Beloff QC (Oxford)
Air Commodore John G. De'Ath MBE (Oxford)
Dr Christopher J. R. Thorne (Cambridge)
Mark S. Steed (Cambridge)
John Crosse (Oxford)

CHAIRMAN and Co-Director of the Transatlantic Series:
Bridget H. R. Wheeler (Cambridge)

Peter G. Crawshaw MBE (Oxford)

Lisa Teverson (Cambridge)

Humphrey J. Waddington (Cambridge)

Hugh Baker (Oxford)

Thomas N Blodgett (Cambridge & Harvard)
Dr Geoffrey B. Hill (Cambridge & Princeton)

Alan James (Cambridge) - Clerk to the Achilles Trust
Martyn Bowen - Co-Director of the Transatlantic Series
Bilen Ahmet (Cambridge) - Membership Secretary
Heather Nelson (Oxford) - Match Officials
Matthew Buck (Cambridge) & Bonnor Sullivan (Oxford) - Kit
Lucy Simson (Cambridge) - Welfare Officer & Schools Relays
Jack Paget (Oxford) - Welfare officer
Emma Hooper (Cambridge) - Social Secretary
Anuraag Vazirani (Oxford) - Webmaster
Dr Andrew Hodge (Cambridge) - Hon. Photographer
Caspar Eliot (Oxford) - Team Manager
Hugo Fleming (Oxford) - Team Manager
Hephzibah Adeosun (Cambridge) - Team Manager
Dr Robert Harle (Cambridge) - Hon. Treasurer, CUAC
Dr Chris Martin (Oxford) - Hon. Treasurer, OUAC
Hugh Shields (Cambridge)
Isaac Rushworth - President OUAC
Angus Harrington - President CUAC
Max Buckley - Past President OUAC
Samuel Clarke - Past President CUAC
Archie Moss - Hon. Sec. OUAC
Johanna Schoenecker - Hon. Sec. CUAC

Dr. C.J.R. Thorne, B.H.R. Wheeler, P.D.T. Willcox, J. Cripps, A. Wallace


The Rt Hon. The Lord Noel-Baker PC 1979-1982
Sir Thomas Macpherson of Biallid CBE, MC, TD, DL 2013-2014

The Lord Desborough of Taplow KG, GCVO 1920-1945
The Rt. Hon. P.J. Noel-Baker 1946-1979
Sir Thomas Macpherson of Biallid CBE, MC, TD, DL 1979-2013
Dr D. W. Roberts MBE DL 2013-2019
Mr P. D. T. Willcox 2019-

Col. E. A. Hunter 1949-1953
R. St. G. T. Harper 1951-1989
H. M. Abrahams 1961-1978
K. S. Duncan 1987-2006
Dr. R. K. I. Kennedy 1987-2005
D. G. Steel 1987-2008
J.P. Ford 1990-2007
H. R. H. Stinson MBE 2005-2013
D.C.E.Gorrie OBE 2006-2012
T.M. Taylor 2006-
The Hon M.J. Beloff 2013-
Air Commodore J.G. De'Ath MBE 2013-
Dr C.J.R. Thorne 2014-
Sir Roger Bannister CH CBE 2016-2018

The Hon. Sir Montague Shearman 1920-1929
P. J. Noel-Baker 1930-1936
Bevil D.D'U. Rudd MC 1937-1946
H. M. Abrahams CBE 1947-1961
R. T. S. Macpherson 1961-1979
Dr. R. K. I. Kennedy 1979-1987
H. R. H. Stinson 1987-2005
Dr. D.W. Roberts 2005-2013
B. H. R. Wheeler 2013-

Honorary Treasurers
A. E. D. Anderson 1920-1923
W. G. Tatham 1924-1930
R. St. G. T. Harper 1931-1947
J. P. Ford 1948-1957
D. G. Steel 1958-1987
P. G. Crawshaw 1987-

Honorary Secretaries
P. J. Noel-Baker 1920-1921
B. G. D. Rudd 1921-1923
E. A. Hunter 1924-1947
K. S. Duncan 1948-1987
P. D. Talbot Willcox 1987-2020
H. J. Waddington 2020-

Directors of the Transatlantic Series (by Tour Year)
Lees Knowles (1901)
Rex Salisbury Woods (1921)
Evan Hunter & Rex Salisbury Woods (1925, 1929, 1933, 1937)
Rex Salisbury Woods & Roly Harper (1949)
PT Sinker (1953)
Sandy Duncan (1957)
Arthur Selwyn (1961)
Eduard Freitag (1965)
Robert Stinson (1973)
Rob Kennedy (1977)
Tim Taylor (1981)
Donald CE Gorrie (1985, 1989)
Dai W Roberts (1993, 1997, 2001)
Dai Roberts & Paul Willcox (2005)
Mark Steed (2009)
John Crosse (2013, 2017)
Emma Hooper & Martyn Bowen (2023)

Directors of the Achilles Schools Relays
D. Donaldson & D.C.E. Gorrie
T.M. Taylor
M. Steed
L. Spray