Achilles Club: Archives

The Dinner Chairmen presided at the Blues’ Dinner until 1997. Since 1996, a separate Achilles Dinner has been held after the Varsity Match, and, from 1998, a Chief Guest invited.
2018 Jeffrey Archer Brasenose, Oxford
2017 Nigel Spivey St Catharine's, Cambridge
2016 Hugh Pullan St Hugh's, Oxford
2015 Jeremy Barton Magdalene, Cambridge
2014 Dewi Roberts Downing, Cambridge
2013 John Ridgeon Magdalene, Cambridge
2012 Richard Nerurkar University, Oxford
2011 Bridget Wheeler Trinity Hall, Cambridge
2010 Tim Berrett Brasenose, Oxford
2009 Trevor Llewelyn St John's, Cambridge
2008 Giles Clifford Merton, Oxford
2007 Steph Cook Peterhouse, Cambridge, & Lincoln, Oxford
2006 Julian Goater St Edmund Hall, Oxford
2005 Tony Shiret St John’s, Cambridge
2004 J.P. Boulter Queen’s, Oxford
2003 T.N. Blodgett Emmanuel, Cambridge
2002 J.M.W. Hogan Trinity, Oxford
2001 C.W. Brasher St John’s, Cambridge
2000 R. Thorn Exeter, Oxford
1999 B.A. Smouha Magdalene, Cambridge
1998 J.M. Parker St. Catharine’s, Cambridge
1997 M.J. Beloff Trinity, Oxford
1996 D.W. Roberts Downing, Cambridge
1995 J. G. De'Ath Jesus, Oxford
1994 B. Allison O'Neill St. Catharine's, Cambridge
1993 A.P. Metcalfe Magdalen, Oxford
1992 M. Orrell-Jones St. John's, Cambridge
1991 J.B. Holt St. Catherine's, Oxford
1990 M.M. Scarr Queens', Cambridge
1989 D.G. Steel Trinity, Oxford
1988 C.W. Brasher St. John's, Cambridge
1987 D.P. Hemery St. Catherine's, Oxford
1986 M.B.S. Tulloh St. John's, Cambridge
1985 Rev. M.J. Winbolt-Lewis Fitzwilliam, Cambridge
1984 Rev. T.S. Farrell Ridley Hall, Cambridge
1983 K.S. Duncan New College, Oxford
1982 J.W.F. Arriens St. John's, Cambridge
1981 T.M. Taylor St. Peters, Oxford
1980 H.R.H. Stinson Emmanuel, Cambridge
1979 R.T.S. Macpherson Trinity, Oxford
1978 R.K.I. Kennedy Clare, Cambridge
1977 C.R.G. Neville Brasenose, Oxford
1976 H.R.H. Stinson Emmanuel, Cambridge
1975 D.J.N. Johnson Lincoln, Oxford
1974 D.W. Donaldson Corpus Christi, Cambridge
1973 The Lord Byers Christ Church, Oxford
1972 I.S. Ivanovic Peterhouse, Cambridge
1971 R.G. Bannister Exeter, Oxford
1970 J.D.J. Havard Jesus, Cambridge
1969 Rev. N.D. Stacey St. Edmund Hall, Oxford
1968 R.L. Howland St. John's, Cambridge
1967 J.P.S. Daniell St. Peters Hall, Oxford
1966 J.D.J. Havard Jesus, Cambridge
1965 Col. A.N.S. Strode Jackson Brasenose, Oxford
1964 The Rt. Rev. F.T. Horan Trinity Hall, Cambridge
1963 A.B. Brown New College, Oxford
1962 The Earl of Gosford Trinity, Cambridge
1961 Sir Hamilton Kerr Balliol, Oxford
1960 D.G.A. Lowe Pembroke, Cambridge
1959 R. St. G.T. Harper Lincoln, Oxford
1958 A.G.K. Brown Peterhouse, Cambridge
1957 The Lord Goddard Trinity, Oxford
1956 H.M. Abrahams Caius, Cambridge
1955 R.J. Dickinson Oriel, Oxford
1954 D.G.A. Lowe Pembroke, Cambridge
1953 M.C. Nokes Magdalen, Oxford
1952 Sir Sidney Abrahams Emmanuel, Cambridge
1951 W.R. Milligan University, Oxford
1950 Rt. Hon. P.J. Noel-Baker King's, Cambridge
1949 E.A. Hunter Christ Church, Oxford
1948 R. Salisbury Woods Downing, Cambridge
1947 Sir Arthur Porritt Magdalen, Oxford
1946 E.A. Hunter Christ Church, Oxford
1939 Rev. C.M. Chavasse Trinity, Oxford
1938 W.R. Seagrove Clare, Cambridge
1937 C. Howard Smith Brasenose, Oxford
1936 Canon W.E. Lutyens Sidney Sussex, Cambridge
1935 E.A. Montague Magdalen, Oxford
1934 Lord Burghley Magdalene, Cambridge
1933 The Lord Robinson Magdalen, Oxford
1932 F.S. Horan Trinity Hall, Cambridge
1931 T.E. Wells Magdalen, Oxford
1930 P.J. Noel-Baker King's, Cambridge
1929 P. Stormonth-Darling New College, Oxford
1928 W. Fitzherbert Trinity Hall, Cambridge
1927 Rev. W. Pollock-Hill Keble, Oxford
1926 The Bishop of Norwich Trinity, Cambridge
1925 Sir George Robertson New College, Oxford
1924 Sir W. Morley Fletcher Trinity, Cambridge
1923 G.C. Vassall Oriel, Oxford
1922 H.C. Lenox Tindall Christ's, Cambridge
1921 The Lord Desborough Balliol, Oxford
1920 Rev. J.H. Gray Queens', Cambridge
1914 F.J.K. Cross New College, Oxford
1913 J.F.P. Rawlinson Trinity, Cambridge
1912 The Hon. Sir Montague Shearman St. John's, Oxford
1911 The Lord Hawke Magdalene, Cambridge
1910 The Lord Desborough Balliol, Oxford
1909 J.F.P. Rawlinson Trinity, Cambridge
1908 J.H. Morgan Magdalen, Oxford
1907 The Lord Alverstone Trinity, Cambridge
1906 Sir Lees Knowles Trinity, Cambridge
1905 Sir Lees Knowles Trinity, Cambridge


  • Former OUAC and CUAC athletes who fell during the Second World War are listed here (PDF downloads). Further obituaries may be found in the Annual Reports, below.

  • Annual Reports