Achilles News

Upcoming fixtures:

Sat 29th Feb 2020 Oxford v Cambridge Field Events and Relays
Thu 7th May 2020 Achilles Schools' Relays
Sun 17th May 2020 Oxford v Cambridge Varsity Match (10:30am)
1st-10th August 2020 (date tbc) Achilles Olympic Tour

Recent results:

Freshers Varsity Match 2019
Men: Cambridge win
Women: Cambridge win

Transatlantic Series 2019: Achilles v Harvard & Yale
Men: Harvard-Yale 17, Achilles 3
Women: Harvard-Yale 16, Achilles 3

Varsity Match 2019
Men's Blues: Oxford 113, Cambridge 88
Women's Blues: Oxford 102, Cambridge 99
Men's Second Team Match (Oxford Centipedes v Cambridge Alverstone): Centipedes 110, Alverstone 91
Women's Second Team Match (Oxford Millipedes v Cambridge Alligators): Oxford Millipedes 110, Cambridge Alligators 89

Varsity Field Events and Relays Match 2019
Men's relays: Oxford 5, Cambridge 1
Men's field events: Oxford 5, Cambridge 3
Women's relays: Cambridge 3, Oxford 3 (Cambridge retain)
Women's field events: Oxford 5, Cambridge 3

Other athletics news

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