The Achilles Trust

(Registered Charity Number 1152963)

THE ACHILLES TRUST is a registered charity supporting Cambridge and Oxford student athletes. As well as direct help for OUAC and CUAC the Trust provides the principle source of funding to enable a combined team to participate in the US Transatlantic Series. It can also support other educational athletic initiatives including the Achilles Schools Relays.

For 60 years THE ACHILLES TRUST has supported the aims of THE ACHILLES CLUB to provide a forum through which Oxford and Cambridge athletes can compete together, both while touring overseas - in particular in the historic TRANSATLANTIC SERIES against the Ivy League which has seen tours since the late 19th Century - and in domestic competition. The need for support is greater than ever before, with official funding for the sport increasingly withdrawn whilst the costs of providing coaching and other assistance continue to rise.

As a charity the Trust can seek gift aid to receive an extra 25% on donations from UK tax payers. Donors who are higher rate taxpayers can also receive an additional tax rebate.

Launched by the Achilles Trust for the club centenary, the Gold Circle is limited to 100 members. To qualify donors are required to either commit to an annual amount of £100 or more or have made donations of £1,000 or more. Members of the GOLD CIRCLE are entitled to a distinctive lapel pin.

Annual, monthly or one-off donations are equally welcome, and for all contributions there is now the option to request that some or all be apportioned to either OUAC or CUAC (payments can also be targeted towards CUHH or OUCCC on request).

Please consider bequeathing monies as part of your estate. Again, you have the option to apportion some of your monies to your University Athletics Club.
If you would like to pass on something of the fun and satisfaction which you enjoyed to the next generations of athletes at Oxford & Cambridge, please join with us and include THE ACHILLES TRUST in your Will. This is a tax effective way of expressing in a lasting manner your pride in membership of THE ACHILLES CLUB.

THE ACHILLES TRUST is a Registered Charity (no. 1152963). A gift in your Will reduces the size of your estate liable to Inheritance Tax by the amount of that gift, while if 10% of your taxable estate is left to charities the rate of inheritance tax is also reduced. If you already have a Will please consider making a short codicil to achieve this, and if you are reviewing your Will please consider adding in a gift. The following form of wording would achieve the charitable purpose:

I GIVE to THE ACHILLES TRUST registered charity number 1152963 c/o the Clerk to the Trust whoever that may be from time to time ABSOLUTELY the sum of . . . . . . to be applied by THE ACHILLES TRUST for its charitable purposes, and I further direct that the receipt of the Clerk to the Trust shall be sufficient discharge to my executors. [Option: Apportion . . . % to OUAC or CUAC].

It would help our administration if you would kindly inform the Clerk to THE ACHILLES TRUST at the address below if you do decide to leave a gift. Such notification is not binding and is entirely revocable.

The Clerk to the Achilles Trust,
16 Tudor Close,
Woodford Green, Essex IG8 0LF